About Me

A Journey Full Of Ups and Downs


I Am Yashvardhan, A Digital Marketing Practitioner Skilled in Creating Funnels, Customer Acquisition Through Paid Ads, AND Copywriting (My Favorit). 


I am into Digital Marketing for more than 3 years now.


My Journey – It all started with an Ad I saw on the Facebook feed in January 2017, the ad was of one of my mentors about his course it was totally new thing for me, the first thought in my mind was how he is throwing this ad on me? You know why? Because 1 day before I searched for the term digital marketing and followed a few pages on Facebook.

This made me curious and I enrolled in his course, and trust me it was not at all what I expected 🙁 


The total course was based on the Basics of Digital Marketing which was available for free on Google, this made me sad because I thought I lost my all money it was Rs.5500 being a Student it was a lot for me maybe my 6 months saving 🙁

But that was a lesson for me and from there, My Digital Marketing Journey Started 😀 


Till now I have invested more than Rs.75000 on my learning, and yes the lesson from my first mistake taught me the value of authenticity and still helping me to do my self-research before investing in anything.

Now the turning point of my life,

It is 2 years now when I was introduced with Digital Marketing I still remember the date it was 20 February 2019, I saw another ad of a Digital Marketer selling his course and for a surprise to me he was offering a free course of digital marketing basics, I instantly enrolled and it was full of value then after few days I saw another ad of him selling a bundle of 6 courses including SEO,Google ads, Facebook ads, Google Analytics…, and few other courses, As I already have enrolled in his free course and that was full of value I joined his paid one too, Learned too many things from there and started implementing those and the journey is still onn……

Before this Website, I started a few blogs and all of them failed you know why because I was even not putting any content over there, yup its a lesson again 😀


This is my Personal website I build this to show what and where I am in my Journey as well as I am planning to Document my Digital Marketing Journey over here through a weekly Blog Post.


Thank You For Reading,


Yashvardhan Singh